Anthony M. Darrington

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In solvolysis studies using Grunwald-Winstein plots, dispersions were observed for substrates with aromatic rings at the α-carbon. Several examples for the unimolecular solvolysis of monoaryl benzylic derivatives and related diaryl- or naphthyl- substituted derivatives have now been reported, where the application of the aromatic ring parameter (I) removes(More)
The specific rates of solvolysis of propargyl chloroformate (1) are analyzed in 22 solvents of widely varying nucleophilicity and ionizing power values at 25.0 °C using the extended Grunwald-Winstein equation. Sensitivities to solvent nucleophilicity (l) of 1.37 and to solvent ionizing power (m) of 0.47 suggest a bimolecular process with the formation of a(More)
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