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Potassium currents generated by voltage-gated potassium (Kv) channels comprising α-subunits from the Kv1, 2, and 3 subfamilies facilitate high-frequency firing of mammalian neurons. Within these subfamilies, only three α-subunits (Kv1.4, Kv3.3, and Kv3.4) generate currents that decay rapidly in the open state because an N-terminal ball domain blocks the(More)
grammar is assumed to operate on articulatory gestures, which are dynamically defined along both spatial and temporal dimensions and produce a constriction in the vocal tract. Bybee (2001) argues that a gestural analysis provides more insightful and coherent descriptions of most phonological phenomena than does an analysis based on features and segments.(More)
Voltage-gated potassium (Kv) currents generated by N-type α-subunit homotetramers inactivate rapidly because an N-terminal ball domain blocks the channel pore after activation. Hence, the inactivation rate of heterotetrameric channels comprising both N-type and non-N-type (delayed rectifier) α-subunits depends upon the number of N-type α-subunits in the(More)
High frequency firing in mammalian neurons requires ultra-rapid delayed rectifier potassium currents generated by homomeric or heteromeric assemblies of Kv3.1 and Kv3.2 potassium channel alpha subunits. Kv3.1 alpha subunits can also form slower activating channels by coassembling with MinK-related peptide 2 (MiRP2), a single transmembrane domain potassium(More)
Delayed rectifier potassium current diversity and regulation are essential for signal processing and integration in neuronal circuits. Here, we investigated a neuronal role for MinK-related peptides (MiRPs), membrane-spanning modulatory subunits that generate phenotypic diversity in cardiac potassium channels. Native coimmunoprecipitation from rat brain(More)
To model realistic biological behaviors such as perception and motor interactions, one requires a flexible simulation environment in which goal-oriented action and sensory perception can be integrated to produce intelligent behavior. Many researchers have focused their work primarily on one specific aspect of this loop of action and perception. Our(More)
This paper explores effects and issues associated with Social Media and Recruitment and whether it is effective as an innovative e-entrepreneurship method of attracting appropriate employees for enterprises from a multi stakeholder perspective. Human Resources Management professionals have been using different methods of Social Media in their recruitment(More)