Anthony Leslie Collins

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OBJECTIVE To determine and compare the extent of within- and between-laboratory precision in body volume (BV) measurements using air displacement plethysmography (ADP), the BOD POD body composition system, and to interpret any such variability in terms of body composition estimates. DESIGN Repeated test procedures of BV assessment using the BOD POD ADP(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate methodological precision of air displacement plethysmography for assessment of body composition in a heterogenous sample of adults. DESIGN Accuracy of volume measurements by air displacement plethysmography (ADP) for a range of known volumes was ascertained. Repeated measurements of body volume, lung volume, and derived body(More)
The North Wyke Farm Platform was established as a United Kingdom national capability for collaborative research, training and knowledge exchange in agro-environmental sciences. Its remit is to research agricultural productivity and ecosystem responses to different management practices for beef and sheep production in lowland grasslands. A system based on(More)
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