Anthony Le

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Mitochondrial disorders are associated with decreased energy production and redox imbalance. Glutathione plays a central role in redox signaling and protecting cells from oxidative damage. In order to understand the consequences of mitochondrial dysfunction on in vivo redox status, and to determine how this varies by mitochondrial disease subtype and(More)
Nesfatin-1 is secreted, meal-responsive anorexigenic peptide encoded in the precursor nucleobindin-2 [NUCB2]. Circulating nesfatin-1 increases post-prandially, but the dietary components that modulate NUCB2/nesfatin-1 remain unknown. We hypothesized that carbohydrate, fat and protein differentially regulate tissue specific expression of nesfatin-1. NUCB2,(More)
NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: Xilinx is providing this design, code, or information "as is." By providing the design, code, or information as one possible implementation of this feature, application, or standard, Xilinx makes no representation that this implementation is free from any claims of infringement. You are responsible for obtaining any rights you may(More)
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