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Special Issue: Not Such an International Human Rights Norm? Local Resistance to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights—Preliminary Comments
The issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights has loomed large in debates over human rights in recent years. In the domestic politics of Western countries, the headline issue h...
The Elusive Ontology of Human Rights
What are human rights? After looking at the reasons why the ontology of human rights should not be reduced to the human rights legal infrastructure, and noting that the origin of human rights inExpand
Political Research and Human Research Ethics Committees
Human Research Ethics Committees have become an established part of the institutional structure of research in the humanities and social sciences over the last two decades in Australia, a developmentExpand
Human Rights without Democracy? A Critique of the Separationist Thesis
The internationalization of democracy and human rights since World War II is an achievement of great proportions and significance. However, while human rights are regularly seen as universallyExpand
The narrative metaphysics of human rights
Abstract This article is about our understanding of an idea which has become one of the most internationally successful political doctrines of our day: the doctrine of human rights. This doctrine'sExpand
Human rights: the globalisation and fragmentation of moral discourse
The language of human rights, along with much else in international relations, presently exhibits the features of globalisation and fragmentation. Globalisation in that human rights is usedExpand
LGBT Rights in Southeast Asia: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
Although in recent years many leading international actors, including the UN and European Union, have endorsed the idea that “LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] rights are human rights andExpand
Community, identity, orientation: sexuality, gender and rights in ASEAN
ABSTRACT The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) escalated its community building project significantly over the last decade, culminating in the launch of a reformed and substantiallyExpand
Human Rights and Cosmopolitan Liberalism
Abstract It may be suggested that much of what goes by the name of contemporary cosmopolitanism is liberalism envisioned at the global level. It has become a common claim that the liberalism whichExpand