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Racial Microaggressions and Psychological Functioning Among Highly Achieving African-Americans: A Mixed-Methods Approach
Racial microaggressions and their influence on mental health were examined among African American doctoral students and graduates of doctoral programs. Using a mixed-methods approach, the currentExpand
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Profiles of a Developmental Asset: Youth Purpose as a Context for Hope and Well-Being
While having a purpose in life has been theorized as a developmental asset, the extent to which adolescents cultivate a meaningful sense of direction is not well understood. In the present study,Expand
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Persevering with Positivity and Purpose: An Examination of Purpose Commitment and Positive Affect as Predictors of Grit
Grit, defined as a passion and perseverance for one’s goals, has been consistently demonstrated as an adaptive resource across multiple domains. Less explored, however, are the correlates of andExpand
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Adolescent adjustment in a nationally collected sample: identifying group differences by adoption status, adoption subtype, developmental stage and gender.
The current study investigated group differences in adolescent adjustment by adoption status and adoption subtype in a national sample, in contrast to group differences based on developmental stageExpand
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A Cultural-Asset Framework for Investigating Successful Adaptation to Stress in African American Youth
The purpose of this article is to present a cul- turally situated, asset-based developmental framework for understanding successful adaptation to stress. Making use of theory and research onExpand
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Transracial, same-race adoptions, and the need for multiple measures of adolescent adjustment.
Using a multimeasure approach, the current study investigated 12 indices of academic, familial, psychological, and health outcomes for 4 groups of transracial and same-race adopted adolescents. AExpand
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Addressing Important Questions in the Field of Adolescent Purpose
In this review, we discuss three questions about the importance of studying purpose as a construct relevant to adolescence. We consider how finding a purpose can help youth answer questions such asExpand
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Viewing Purpose Through an Eriksonian Lens
One theme in Erik Erikson's work is the importance of finding a purpose for life. This article discusses the role of purpose in Erikson's writings and uses this review as a foundation forExpand
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Identity and Purpose as Predictors of Subjective Well-Being in Emerging Adulthood
Identity and purpose in life can serve as internal assets during the transition to adulthood. Although these two facets of the self are closely linked, they are usually studied separately. The rareExpand
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Heterogeneity in Patterns of Sexual Risk Behaviors among African-American Youth: Associations with General and Race-Specific Factors.
This descriptive study employed a within-groups analytic approach to examine patterns of sexual risk behavior and co-occurring general and race/ethnicity-specific risk and protective factors in aExpand
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