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Racial microaggressions and daily well-being among Asian Americans.
Although epidemiological studies and community surveys of Asian Americans have found that lifetime occurrences of racial discrimination are associated with increased risk for psychological morbidity,Expand
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Racial discrimination and the stress process.
The unique and combined effects of chronic and daily racial discrimination on psychological distress were examined in a sample of 174 African American doctoral students and graduates. Using a dailyExpand
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Purpose as a form of identity capital for positive youth adjustment.
Having a sense of purpose has been discussed as a developmental asset for youth and as an outgrowth of establishing a sense of identity. Using the identity capital model as a theoretical framework, 3Expand
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Collegiate purpose orientations and well-being in early and middle adulthood
Two studies evaluated whether different purpose orientations, defined by the content of one's life-goals, would differentially predict personal well-being in the short- and long-term. Four types ofExpand
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Classifying adolescents’ conceptions of purpose in life
Motivating youth to find a purpose in life promotes positive youth development. However, it is as yet uncertain whether adolescents think of purpose in ways similar to researchers. This studyExpand
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How many likes did I get?: Purpose moderates links between positive social media feedback and self-esteem.
Abstract Sociometer theory asserts that self-esteem is calibrated to one's perceived relational value. Accordingly, positive feedback should boost self-esteem because it signals acceptance by others.Expand
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The unified model of vegetarian identity: A conceptual framework for understanding plant-based food choices
By departing from social norms regarding food behaviors, vegetarians acquire membership in a distinct social group and can develop a salient vegetarian identity. However, vegetarian identities areExpand
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Flying the Unfriendly Skies?: The Role of Forgiveness and Race in the Experience of Racial Microaggressions
ABSTRACT Because even subtle forms of racial discrimination can damage well-being, identifying individual differences that shape this stress process is important. Dispositional forgiveness has beenExpand
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Sense of Purpose Moderates the Associations Between Daily Stressors and Daily Well-being.
Background Having a sense of purpose in life has been consistently demonstrated as a predictor of positive health outcomes, including less perceived stress, yet, little is known about the role ofExpand
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Development and validation of the Dietarian Identity Questionnaire: Assessing self-perceptions of animal-product consumption
In navigating decisions about what to eat, people both construct and rely on a food-choice identity. Yet food choice is multifaceted, as people apply different dietary schemas to different types ofExpand
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