Anthony L. Sparnon

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Background: It is accepted that children with volvulus require urgent surgery. However the long term sequelae and late complications of its surgical therapy are less well understood. We hypothesised that the surgical corrected intestinal malrotation have significant long term impact on the patients quality of life. Methods: Forty-six children with(More)
Paralytic ileus and intestinal adhesions are common events following intra-abdominal surgery. The theoretical hypothesis 'that stimulation of the postoperative bowel will reduce intestinal adhesions' was studied in a rat model for intestinal adhesions in which postoperative bowel motility was pharmacologically manipulated. Immediate postoperative(More)
Numerous experimental studies have shown several benefits of treating burns by the immediate application of cool water. In this study of 695 children with burns, treated in the National Burn Institute (NBI), Hanoi, Vietnam, patients were assessed on admission according to first aid measures at the time of injury, i.e. the removal of the cause and immediate(More)
The standard technique for dealing with surgical necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), namely resection of gangrenous bowel with exteriorisation of the ends, was used in seven infants with disappointing results. Only one tolerated full oral feeds by 1 month. A change to a primary anastomosis after resection was made and performed on ten infants. Seven tolerated(More)
Fifty-two infants and children admitted consecutively for elective stoma closure were prospectively studied. The routine management consisted of pre-operative bowel preparation, singledose per-operative antibiotics, and intraperitoneal end-to-end anastomosis. A single layer of interrupted extramucosal sutures was used. No drains were inserted and all wounds(More)
Testicular volume was examined in men who had undergone orchiopexy at or after 7 years of age; 159 men with 187 cryptorchid testes were available for estimation. The mean age at orchiopexy was 9.8 years (range 7-13.6) and the mean age at follow-up was 24.3 years (range 18-41). The data showed that surgically treated cryptorchism was associated with testes(More)
BACKGROUND Attempts to maximise diagnostic accuracy and reduce unnecessary surgery have led to the hospital observation of children with suspected appendicitis but unconvincing physical signs. However, morbidity associated with perforation necessitates the prompt management of acute appendicitis and increases anxiety concerning prolonged preoperative(More)
One hundred and one children over 1 year of age have had surgery for pelviureteric obstruction over an 11 year period. The common clinical features were abdominal pain, urinary infection or haematuria, but a number presented as an incidental finding. Less commonly, the patients presented with an abdominal mass or with hypertension. The diagnosis was usually(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the safety and long-term efficacy of an initial non-operative approach to the management of pancreatic trauma in children. METHODOLOGY Retrospective case-note review of children admitted to our institution with the diagnosis of pancreatic trauma over a 10-year period from 1985 to 1994 inclusive. RESULTS Fourteen children were(More)
The technique of graft fixation with Hypafix was introduced in 1986 and has since been adapted for use in all sites to become the standard technique in the management of paediatric burns at the Women's and Children's Hospital Burn Unit. The technique is versatile, safe, simple, reliable and inexpensive, and has proven to be effective in over 700 burn(More)