Anthony L. Blair

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Two hundred and twenty-three newly-diagnosed symptomatic diabetic patients with onset age 40-69 years enrolled in a prospective study of intensive dietary management of diabetes were observed for a period of six years and the data obtained is analysed. The variables studied were weight and fasting levels of plasma glucose and insulin, and of serum total(More)
Previously described assays of phagocyte chemiluminescence have required large numbers of cells and have not been able to follow responses from a large number of samples in single experiments. Recently, sensitive luminometers which employ a 96 well microtitre plate format have become available. We describe the application of this equipment to the(More)
Although beta-agonists remain an important aspect of the treatment of asthma, their role has recently been questioned. Salmeterol has recently been developed as a beta-agonist with prolonged bronchodilator action. Using lucigenin-enhanced chemiluminescence, we have shown that salmeterol inhibits this aspect of phagocyte function in vitro in a(More)
The use of chemiluminescence techniques to study the interaction between bacteria and phagocytes has been useful for examining the extent to which serum factors, such as opsonins, are important in internalization of the organisms and the response of the cell to phagocytosed bacteria. However, such methods have been limited by the number of experiments which(More)
RADIOACTIVE iodine (iodine-131) has been used extensively during the past 30 years for the treatment of hyperthyroidism and has been shown to control this disorder in the majority of cases in which it has been used. There have been varying reports of the incidence of post-radiation hypothyroidism which has been reported to be as high as 70 per cent in(More)
DIABETIC retinopathy is a common cause of blindness. The introduction of photocoagulation treatment has stimulated interest in this condition and several well designed and properly controlled studies have shown that either xenon arc or argon laser photocoagulation therapy can arrest or delay the progression of diabetic retinopathy.1-7 This treatment is now(More)
We have examined heat-stable opsonins to 4 species of gamma-irradiated mycobacteria (M. tuberculosis (H37Rv), M. avium (28A), M. scrofulaceum and M. leprae (cd 103)) in complement-depleted sera collected from Indonesian subjects with tuberculosis (106 patients),-leprosy (24 patients) and controls (40 hospital workers and 41 factory workers) indirectly by(More)