Anthony Kolar

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Wireless video capsules can now carry out gastroenterological examinations. The images make it possible to analyze some diseases during postexamination, but the gastroenterologist could make a direct diagnosis if the video capsule integrated vision algorithms. The first step toward in situ diagnosis is the implementation of 3-D imaging techniques in the(More)
— The work presented here is related to Cyclope, an embedded active 3D vision system. The challenge is to realize an integrated sensor which achieve real–time depth vision with constraints on the size, consumption and computational ressources. Cyclope is based on active vision and is integrated in a VSiP (Visual System in Package) allowing multiple(More)
—Since few years, the gastroenterologic examinations could have been realised by wireless video capsules. Although the images make it possible to analyse some diseases, the diagnosis could be improved by the use of the 3D Imaging techniques implemented in the video capsule. The work presented here is related to Cyclope, an embedded active vision system that(More)
Biomedical circuits and systems are a forthcoming field in more than Moore integrated circuits. Majority of published works are interested in voltage-mode sensor instrumentation. In voltage-mode operation, design trade-off is known and design optimization tools available. In contrast, current-mode sensor instrumentation have proved low-power and high-speed(More)
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