Anthony K. Grafton

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Information Services in Washington, D.C. She and her team are responsible for tracking trends for National Geographic business staff worldwide and for providing resources and training for both the editorial and business groups. She has worked at National Geographic for more than 18 years; before that she was a business librarian at the Washington Post and(More)
Philosophy was a central discipline in the early modern period. In the philosophy class, students learned how to reason and argue, how to think about morality and the greatest good, as well as physics and metaphysics, cosmology, biology and the ultimate metaphysical categories of reality. Since virtually every educated European in the period went through(More)
This report describes the development and applications of a software package called Vibalizer, the first and only method that provides free, fast, interactive, and quantitative comparison and analysis of calculated vibrational modes. Using simple forms and menus in a web-based interface, Vibalizer permits the comparison of vibrational modes from different,(More)
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