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history of European intellectual and scientific life in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. She was always most interested in the precise ways in which her research subjects did their jobs. She showed how the sixteenth-century theologian Desiderius Erasmus invented a new kind of career as a scholar and writer in the world of print; how Robert Hooke and(More)
like to thank her for her inspiration and good judgment, along with Tim Hochstrasser, who first introduced me to Mandeville and provided essential guidance. Tugendhaft, and two anonymous referees offered challenging and helpful criticism. Responsibility for remaining errors of interpretation or fact is my own. Abstract: Studies of Bernard Mandeville by(More)
This report describes the development and applications of a software package called Vibalizer, the first and only method that provides free, fast, interactive, and quantitative comparison and analysis of calculated vibrational modes. Using simple forms and menus in a web-based interface, Vibalizer permits the comparison of vibrational modes from different,(More)
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