Anthony K. Cheetham

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Hybrid framework compounds, including both metal-organic coordination polymers and systems that contain extended inorganic connectivity (extended inorganic hybrids), have recently developed into an important new class of solid-state materials. We examine the diversity of this complex class of materials, propose a simple but systematic classification, and(More)
Hybrid glasses connect the emerging field of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with the glass formation, amorphization and melting processes of these chemically versatile systems. Though inorganic zeolites collapse around the glass transition and melt at higher temperatures, the relationship between amorphization and melting has so far not been investigated.(More)
The temperature dependence of the conductivity in the critical regime of the metal-insulator transition in conducting polymers,"Metal-insulator transition in oriented poly(p-phenylenevinylene)," Phys.Electronic transport in doped poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) near the metal-insulator transition," Synth.Metallic conductivity at low temperatures in(More)
Statistical mechanics of bilayer membrane with a fixed projected area, " J. Chem. The role of temperature in the synthesis of hybrid inorganic-organic materials: The example of cobalt succinates, " JCS Chem. The role of reaction conditions and ligand flexibility in metal-organic hybrid materials – Examples from metal diglycolates and iminodiacetates, "(More)
A framework antimony(III) phosphate: Synthesis and structure of NaSb3O2(PO4)2, " J. On the synthesis and characterization of open-framework antimony(III) diphosphonates, " Solid State Sciences 2, 119 (2000) Charge ordering in thin films of bilayered rare-earth manganates, " Intl.
iii for my parents iv Acknowledgements Often as a chapter in one's life comes to a close, an appreciation for what is about to be lost begins to surface. It is a credit to Santa Barbara that from the moment of my arrival, I was aware of how fortunate I would be to complete my Ph.D. work in such a beautiful environment. This work would not have been possible(More)
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