Anthony K. Cheetham

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that it transforms from a nonmagnetic insulating phase to a magnetic metallic phase under applied pressures on the order of 10 GPa (42–45), which is in contrast to other metallic rare earth hexaborides in which the f-electrons order magnetically in the ambient ground state. Our observation of a large three-dimensional conduction electron Fermi surface(More)
The crystal structure of solid C 60 can be understood to a good approximation using simple crystal structure arguments, based on the close packing of spheroidal molecules. The simplest variant of C 60 that can be envisaged consists of substituting one of the carbon atoms of the fullerene skeleton by an aliovalent atom to afford a C 59 A molecule. Indeed(More)
Hybrid glasses connect the emerging field of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with the glass formation, amorphization and melting processes of these chemically versatile systems. Though inorganic zeolites collapse around the glass transition and melt at higher temperatures, the relationship between amorphization and melting has so far not been investigated.(More)
Distribution of chain ends at the surface of a polymer melt: Compensation effects and surface tension," J.Development of nano-composite microstructures in ZrO2-Al2O3 via the solution precursor method," J.Nonlinear multi-photon resonances in quantum wells," Phys.The interaction of sorbates with acid sites in zeolite catalysts: A powder neutron diffraction(More)
Fe,(PO,),, sarcopside, displays unusual magnetic properties which have been investigated using time-of-flight powder neutron diffraction and magnetic susceptibility measurements. The structure contains chains of three edge-shared FeO, octahedra with two inequivalent iron sites, the central M(l) site possessing a fairly regular symmetry and smaller volume(More)
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