Anthony Jones

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The ability to use environmental stimuli to predict impending harm is critical for survival. Such predictions should be available as early as they are reliable. In pavlovian conditioning, chains of successively earlier predictors are studied in terms of higher-order relationships, and have inspired computational theories such as temporal difference(More)
The phloem transport system is a complex tissue that primarily carries photoassimilate from source to sink. Its function depends on anucleate sieve elements (SE) supported by companion cells (CC). In this study, SE sap was sampled and the protein identity of soluble proteins was determined with the aim of understanding the function of proteins within the(More)
OBJECTIVE The Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ) is a useful measure of weight and shape concern. The purpose of this study is to contribute new psychometric information on the BSQ in order to assist clinicians and researchers who intend to use this measure. METHOD This paper reports average scores on American samples of clinical subjects referred for body(More)
It is now common for relevant authorities to insist that all newly qualified teachers are able to use a range of ICT applications for teaching and administration (SCTP 1999, NCATE 2001, DfEE 1998). The Australian government has published several papers containing plans and strategies for bringing schools and teachers into the information age (DETYA 2000,(More)
Studies suggest that around 20% of adults in Europe experience chronic pain, which not only has a considerable impact on their quality of life but also imposes a substantial economic burden on society. More than one-third of these people feel that their pain is inadequately managed. A range of analgesic drugs is currently available, but recent guidelines(More)
Despite considerable research, effective and safe treatments for human pain disorders remain elusive. Understanding the biology of different human pain conditions and researching effective treatments continue to be dominated by animal models, some of which are of limited value. British and European legislation demands that non-animal approaches should be(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that curcumin induces mitochondria-mediated apoptosis. However, understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying curcumin-induced cell death remains limited. In this study, we demonstrate that curcumin treatment of cancer cells caused dose- and time-dependent caspase-3 activation, which is required for apoptosis as(More)
Most current 3D landscape visualisation systems either use bespoke hardware solutions, or offer a limited amount of interaction and detail when used in realtime mode. We are developing a modular, data driven 3D visualisation system that can be readily customised to specific requirements. By utilising the latest software engineering methods and bringing a(More)
Replacing animal procedures with methods such as cells and tissues in vitro, volunteer studies, physicochemical techniques and computer modelling, is driven by legislative, scientific and moral imperatives. Non-animal approaches are now considered as advanced methods that can overcome many of the limitations of animal experiments. In testing medicines and(More)