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Animal body size often varies systematically along latitudinal gradients, where individuals are either larger or smaller with varying season length. This study examines ecotypic responses by the generalist grasshopper Melanoplus femurrubrum (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in body size and covarying, physiologically based life history traits along a latitudinal(More)
Several hypotheses predict defoliation-induced increases in individual plant fitness. In this paper we examine three such hypotheses: the Herbivore Optimization Hypothesis (HOH); the Continuum of Responses Hypothesis (CRH); and the Growth Rate Model (GRM). All three have in common predictions based on responses of defoliated individuals with the objective(More)
The impact of predation by the robber fly Proctacanthus milbertii Macquart on populations of adult grasshoppers from grasslands of the Nebraska sandhills was estimated. Densities of P. milbertii were estimated at 437 individuals per hectare (2 se=122). Overall densities of 23 species of grasshoppers were estimated to be 64,000 individuals per hectare with(More)
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