Anthony Jardim

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Ecological orthodoxy suggests that old-growth forests should be close to dynamic equilibrium, but this view has been challenged by recent findings that neotropical forests are accumulating carbon and biomass, possibly in response to the increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide. However, it is unclear whether the recent increase in tree(More)
Using the predictive algorithm of Rothbard and Taylor (1988. EMBO J. 7:93) and the primary structure of gp63 (Button, L., and M.R. McMaster. 1988. J. Exp. Med. 167:724; Miller, R.A., S.G. Reed, and M. Parsons. 1990. Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 39:267) we have been able to delineate the structures of a number of gp63 T-cell epitopes which stimulate the(More)
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