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The three-dimensional structure of BirA, the repressor of the Escherichia coli biotin biosynthetic operon, has been determined by x-ray crystallography and refined to a crystallographic residual of(More)
We cloned a novel ankyrin, Ank3, from mouse kidney cDNA. The full-length transcript is predicted to encode a 214-kD protein containing an 89 kD, NH2 terminal "repeat" domain; a 65 kD, central(More)
Conventional ankyrins are cortical cytoskeletal proteins that form an ankyrin-spectrin meshwork underlying the plasma membrane. We report here the unusual structure of a novel ankyrin (AO13 ankyrin,(More)
Caveolae are vesicular organelles that represent an appendage of the plasma membrane. Caveolin, a 21-24-kDa integral membrane protein, is a principal component of caveolae membranes in vivo. Caveolin(More)