Anthony J. Visco

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This paper describes experiments exploring the three-dimensional ͑3D͒ Rayleigh–Taylor instability at a blast-wave-driven interface. This experiment is well scaled to the He/H interface during the explosion phase of SN1987A. In the experiments, ϳ 5 kJ of energy from the Omega laser was used to create a planar blast wave in a plastic disk, which is(More)
X-ray framing cameras, employing microchannel plates (MCPs) for detection and signal amplification, play a key role in research in high-energy-density physics. These instruments convert radiographic x-rays into electrons produced by plasma during such experiments into electrons that are amplified in the channels and then detected by a phosphor material. The(More)
The temporal dispersion of an optical spectrometer has been characterized for a variety of conditions related to optical diagnostics to be fielded at the National Ignition Facility (e.g., full-aperture backscatter station, Thomson scattering). Significant time smear is introduced into these systems by the path length difference through the spectrometer. The(More)
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