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Mesenchymal stem cells isolated from rats are frequently used for tissue engineering research. However, considerable differences have been identified between rat mesenchymal stem cells and those derived from humans, and no defined panel of markers currently exists for the isolation of these cells. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of cell(More)
BACKGROUND INFORMATION Substantial evidence indicates the existence of NCSCs (neural crest-derived stem cells) in embryonic mandibular processes; however, they have not been fully investigated or isolated. The aim of the present study was to isolate stem cells from mandibular process during embryonic development by MACS (magnetic-activated cell sorting).(More)
Dental caries is a chronic infectious disease resulting from the penetration of oral bacteria into the enamel and dentin. Microorganisms subsequently trigger inflammatory responses in the dental pulp. These events can lead to pulp healing if the infection is not too severe following the removal of diseased enamel and dentin tissues and clinical restoration(More)
The development of procedural content generation (PCG) methods for video games is an established area of research. There are many approaches to the problem that utilise a variety of techniques from different fields of computer science. The use of Answer Set Programming (ASP) for PCG in video games is relatively new, however recent research has demonstrated(More)
Dentin, the predominant mineralized tissue of the tooth, comprises an extracellular matrix of collagen and a heterogeneous mixture of non-collagenous components, many of which have cellular signaling properties. These properties may be important in signaling stem cell involvement in tissue regeneration following injury and the present study investigates(More)
OBJECTIVES To derive indicators of quality prescribing by Australian general practitioners based on Health Insurance Commission (HIC) data and assess the influence of incomplete capture of data on under-copayment drugs on the validity of these indicators. DESIGN Two expert groups proposed prescribing indicators that can be derived from aggregate(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess prescriber adherence to standard anti-hypertensive treatment guidelines in South Africa, determine if supply data are useful indicators of drug use, and assess the cost implications of not complying with the guidelines. METHODS We undertook two studies: an analysis of records of the anti-hypertensive drugs supplied to all 54(More)
Dental pulp tissue can be damaged by a range of irritants, however, if the irritation is removed and/or the tooth is adequately restored, pulp regeneration is possible (Mjör and Tronstad, 1974 [1]). At present, dental restorative materials limit healing by impairing mineralization and repair processes and as a result new biologically-based materials are(More)
BACKGROUND The present study aimed to develop an in vitro model for stain removal from natural enamel for the assessment and comparison of oral hygiene products. METHODS Bovine teeth (n = 8 per group) were ground/polished to provide flat enamel specimens and ferric-tannate deposits were precipitated onto the enamel surfaces. The ferric-tannate stained(More)
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