Anthony J. Ruggiero

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1003 Although HSiO-will not transfer a hydride to acetone (HA = 39.6 kcal mol-I), acetaldehyde (HA = 40.7 kcal mol-'), or ben-zaldehyde (HA = 45.9 kcal mol-'), hydride transfer to acrylonitrile (HA = 57.6 kcal mol-') and acrolein (HA = 61.5 kcal mol-') is observed. Hydride transfer to C 0 2 (HA = 5 1.6 kcal mol-') leads to an ion of mass 45, the same mass(More)
In this study, low-thrust strategies aimed at the modification of specific orbital elements are investigated and presented. Closed loop guidance laws, steering the initial value of a given orbital element to a target value, are derived, implemented and tested. The thrust laws have been defined analyzing the Gauss form of the Lagrange Planetary Equations(More)
An all-acousto-optically switched picosecond Nd:YAG regenerative amplifier has been developed for operation at pulse repetition rates in the 20-100-kHz range. The amplifier produces stable 50-ps pulses at 1064 nm in a TEMOO transverse mode with pulse energies of the order of 20-100 AJ. Generation of the second harmonic at 532 nm in KTP crystal results in(More)
It is nowadays clear that future space access and activity sustainability is greatly endangered by the large amount of space debris populating the near-earth region. In the last few years, a number of different active debris removal (ADR) methods have been proposed and each of them may represent a valuable solution for space debris belonging to specific(More)
The present study describes the successful design and testing of a quick, least-invasive, reliable and inexpensive sampling procedure for Atlantic cod Gadus morhua. This protocol can be easily applied to postlarval fish following a simple three-step procedure, without availing of commercial DNA extraction kits, while ensuring survival of sampled individuals.
Articles you may be interested in Preparation and resolution of molecular states by coherent sequences of phase-locked ultrashort laser pulses J. Time resolved dynamics of isolated molecular systems studied with phaselocked femtosecond pulse pairs We introduce a novel spectroscopic technique which utilizes a two-pulse sequence of femtosecond duration(More)
Articles you may be interested in Femtosecond Raman spectra of cis-stilbene and trans-stilbene with isotopomers in solution The isomerization dynamics of cis-stilbene in the first excited singlet state were studied by the technique of fluorescence upconversion. Lifetime measurements were made with subpicosecond resolution in 2-propanol, decanol, n-hexane,(More)
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