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This paper describes ten lessons that programs should consider when introducing innovations to automatically identify and verify the eligibilities of travelers as part of border control and customs processes. These lessons are drawn from focus group discussions comprising former members of IRIS program. We argue that these and similar lessons should be(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title compound, [FeCo(2)(C(5)H(5))(2)(C(3)H(3)S(3))S(C(18)H(15)P)(CO)]CF(3)SO(3), consists of a triangular irondicobalt cluster cation and a trifluoro-methane-sulfonate anion. In the cation, the FeCo(2) triangle is symmetrically capped on one face by an S atom and on the other by a C atom linked to a methyl trithio-carbonate(More)
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