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The pathogenetic basis of the Rett syndrome (RS) is unknown: an X-linked dominant, male-lethal gene defect is thought likely. We present a girl with RS who has defects both of the urea cycle and of carbohydrate metabolism resulting in fasting hypoglycaemia, post-prandial hyperlactataemia and excess urinary orotic acid excretion after alanine load. Her(More)
Acute encephalopathy is a major cause of death and neurological handicap in children. The principle aims of treatment are to provide adequate cerebral blood flow for the brain's metabolic needs and to prevent intracranial pressure rising above the level at which brain herniation occurs. Rational management requires an understanding of the pathophysiological(More)
Grofman et al. (forthcoming) find that party leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives tend to be more extreme than the median member of their party, and that they tend to come from the party's ideological "heartland" between the median and the mode. This paper shows that if the distribution of preferences is skewed (as is the case with both parties in(More)
  • John Bartle, SEBASTIAN DELLEPIANE-AVELLANEDA, +22 authors Dieter Klingemann
  • 2011
The political ‘centre’ is often discussed in debates about public policy and analyses of party strategies and election outcomes. Yet, to date, there has been little effort to estimate the political centre outside the United States. This article outlines a method of estimating the political centre using public opinion data collected for the period between(More)
This article shows that for a single-vote electoral system for a representative body to treat all voters and all parties equally, it must produce results essentially identical to list proportional representation (PR). Democratic theory has often been agnostic concerning representative institutions. Different institutions have been compared in terms of(More)
Kurrild-Klitgaard (2013) has shown that proportional representation can produce “election inversions” such that a coalition of parties collectively supported by a majority of voters fails to win a majority of seats, and he identifies several empirical examples under the Danish electoral system. However, Kurrild-Klitgaard’s examples result from imperfections(More)
A theoretical model nds a prominent middle-mover advantage in an openly sequential procedure. The equilibrium analysis also nds, both, a rstand last-mover disadvantage. These results provide general intuition about the underlying incentives in a sequential process. Additionally, examples are used to show how a sequential process can be manipulated to(More)
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