Anthony J. McCarthy

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BACKGROUND Although Cryptosporidium parvum is known to cause significant morbidity in immunocompromised individuals, including adults with cancer, the epidemiology of this pathogen in paediatric oncology patients is not known. OBJECTIVE We prospectively investigated the incidence of symptomatic C. parvum infection in children receiving treatment for(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with cancer often receive broad spectrum antibiotics in addition to antineoplastic chemotherapy. Both treatments predispose adult oncology patients to infection and colonization with Clostridium difficile, but the role of this pathogen in pediatric oncology patients is poorly defined. METHODS A prospective study of 149 fecal samples(More)
A. McCarthy Children’s Haematology Unit, Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, Belfast, UK An 8-month-old boy presented with a 2-week history of dyspnoea, anorexia and increasing abdominal distension. Physical examination revealed a markedly distended abdomen, which was dull to percussion. US demonstrated a heterogeneous increase in hepatic(More)
INTRODUCTION Entrapment neuropathies, particularly those affecting upper limbs, are common reasons for referral for nerve conduction studies (NCS). However, concordance between clinical findings and NCS findings, especially in patients being considered for intervention including decompressive surgery, has not been assessed. METHODS We conducted a(More)
Sir, A 5-year-old oncology patient presented with a 24-h history of pain occurring whilst his Hickman line was being flushed. A linogram study was performed to check catheter integrity. It demonstrated a fracture involving both lumens of the right subclavian line (Fig. 1). A more detailed history was sought from the patient’s mother, who revealed they had(More)
BACKGROUND Despite understaffing of neurology services in Ireland, the demand for liaison neurologist input into the care of hospital inpatients is increasing. This aspect of the workload of the neurologist is often under recognised. AIMS/METHODS We prospectively recorded data on referral and service delivery patterns to a liaison neurology service, the(More)
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