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Extracts from this report may be reproduced provided the source is acknowledged and the extract is not taken out of context. SUMMARY The purpose of this document is to summarise the current understanding by the biometrics community of the best scientific practices for conducting technical performance testing toward the end of field performance estimation.(More)
In 1994, the leadership 1 of the US Biometric Consortium asked a series of questions to the automated human recognition (" biometrics ") community revolving around the issues of repeatability and reproducibility of measurements in performance testing. Although we have made significant progress in our understanding, these issues have not been totally(More)
New developments in applied mathematics and computing are reviewed to identify the research that will be needed to meet future challenges within the National Measurement System. Topics under review include simulation, modelling over more than one length scale, molecular modelling, distributed computing, parallel coordinate systems, risk and uncertainty, and(More)
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