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Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) Aβ42, tau and p181tau are widely accepted biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Numerous studies show that CSF tau and p181tau levels are elevated in mild-to-moderate AD compared to age-matched controls. In addition, these increases might predict preclinical AD in cognitively normal elderly. Despite their importance as(More)
The venom of the funnel-web spider Agelenopsis aperta contains several peptides that paralyze prey by blocking voltage-sensitive calcium channels. Two peptides, omega-Aga-IVB (IVB) and omega-Aga-IVC (IVC), have identical amino acid sequences, yet have opposite absolute configurations at serine 46. These toxins had similar selectivities for blocking(More)
56 cases of lacunar stroke were reviewed retrospectively. The patients showed a clinic picture which could be classified within nine of the lacunar syndromes recognized by Fisher. The localization of the lacunes was considered with respect to the clinical symptoms and the characteristics of the EEG and the TC and their different correlations were examined.(More)
29 cases of femoral mononeuropathy are reported. While the clinical features of the femoral neuropathy are easily identified, the etiology is often hard to establish. The cases reported tend to fall into three general categories: 1) cases without major diagnostic difficulties (e.g. diabetic neuropathy); 2) those in which the definite diagnosis results from(More)
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