Anthony J H Hall

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During December 2009, over 200 individuals reported gastrointestinal symptoms after dining at a North Carolina restaurant. An outbreak investigation included a case-control study of restaurant patrons, a secondary household transmission study, environmental assessment of the restaurant facilities and operations, and laboratory analysis of stool and food(More)
AbstractAims To assess the clinical features, pathology, mortality (systemic outcome) and ocular complications (visual outcome) of a cohort of patients treated for intraocular lymphoma.Methods Retrospective case analysis of medical records and review of pathology of a consecutive series of patients presenting with intraocular lymphoma in Melbourne over 11(More)
In defining the direction for a new standard, NASA's Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) has started from first principles. This has meant extracting critical objectives that its programs need to undertake a reliable mission and then structuring these objectives to lead mission planning. This back-to-basics approach to examining cross cutting(More)
AIM To examine the course of non-infectious uveitis during pregnancy. METHODS This is a retrospective case series. The medical records of 47 subjects with a previous history of non-infectious uveitis pre-dating their pregnancy were reviewed. Uveitis activity during the periods 1 year before pregnancy, during pregnancy and 1 year postpartum, were recorded.(More)
The incidence of syphilis and syphilitic uveitis in our community is increasing. The prevalence of associated neurosyphilis is unknown, and it remains unclear whether syphilitic uveitis should be treated as secondary syphilis with intramuscular penicillin or neurosyphilis with intravenous penicillin. The (English language) literature was reviewed for all(More)
PURPOSE Toxocara canis can cause blinding eye disease. This study assessed the presence of T. canis eggs in soil from parks in Melbourne and also the incidence of presumed ocular toxocariasis in Victoria. METHODS One hundred and eighty soil samples were collected from nine suburban locations in Melbourne, Australia. These were analyzed for the presence of(More)
BACKGROUND Improvement in surgical devices and intraocular lenses has made modern cataract surgery a safe procedure with decreasing complication rates. Intraocular lens dislocation is a serious complication after cataract surgery. Although most dislocations occur during the first week postoperative period, late intraocular lens dislocation occurring 3(More)