Anthony J Caruso

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The purpose of this study was to investigate stop-gap duration, voice onset time (VOT), and vowel duration in intelligible speakers with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Broadband sound spectrograms were used to measure 8 normal and 8 ALS speakers' intelligible speech productions of monosyllabic words containing word-initial stop-plosive consonants (/p,(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of speed and cognitive stress on the articulatory coordination abilities of adults who stutter. Cardiovascular (heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure), behavioral (dysfluencies, errors, speech rate, and response latency), and acoustic (word duration, vowel duration,(More)
This study addresses the long-standing claim that stuttering reflects an impairment in the neuromotor coordination of multiple speech movements. Upper lip (UL), lower lip (LL), and jaw (J) kinematics for nonstuttered speech behaviours in stutterers and normal speakers were examined using quantitative indices of normal multiple movement coordination reported(More)
This work investigated the hypothesis that neuromotor differences between individuals who stutter and individuals who do not stutter are not limited to the movements involved in speech production. Kinematic data were obtained from gender- and age-matched stuttering (n = 10) and nonstuttering (n = 10) adults during speech movements, orofacial nonspeech(More)
This study is part of a series investigating the hypothesis that stuttering adaptation is a result of motor learning. Previous investigations indicate that nonspeech motor learning typically is associated with an increase in speed of performance. Previous investigations of stuttering, on the other hand, indicate that improvements in fluency during most(More)
It has been suggested previously that at least some levels of the temporal organization for speech production are characterized by proportional timing. The proportional timing model maintains that the duration of temporal intervals within a sequence would remain proportionally invariant across changes in overall duration of the sequence. In order to test(More)
Isolated swallowing difficulties are present in a substantial percentage of elderly adults. Most have no known medical basis, although some may be caused by underlying, but undetected, medical conditions. Others may result from conditions that indirectly affect swallowing. After an overview of the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of swallowing, this article(More)
This study investigates patients' concern about the human immunodeficiency virus transmission from their physician during the course of routine medical care. We examined patients' fear of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), knowledge of human immunodeficiency virus transmission, level of comfort with medical procedures performed by a physician(More)
Speech-language pathologists involved in treating childhood stuttering have increasingly emphasized the need for parental involvement in intervention. In this article, we review prevailing theoretical models of stuttering and illustrate various ways in which these models can be used to guide practitioners in determining how best to include parents in(More)
High frequency plane gratings (3500 and 3600 gr/mm) have been holographically ruled and blazed for the VUV spectral region. All gratings were coated with 70 nm Al + 25 nm MgF(2). Absolute unpolarized and S-and P-plane polarization efficiencies have been measured for the first and second orders in the 120- to 450 -nm spectral region at 18.5 and 30 degrees(More)