Anthony J. Burke

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Conjugate addition of homochiral lithium N-benzyl-N-alpha-methylbenzylamide to tert-butyl (E)-cinnamate or tert-butyl (E)-crotonate and in situ amination with trisyl azide results in the exclusive formation of the corresponding 2-diazo-3-amino esters in > 95% de. Amination of the lithium (E)-enolates of tert-butyl(More)
Conjugate addition of lithium (S)-N-benzyl-N-alpha-methylbenzylamide to a range of alpha, beta-unsaturated Weinreb amides proceeds with high levels of diastereoselectivity (>95% de). The beta-amino Weinreb amide products may be transformed into beta-amino ketones via reactions with Grignard reagents, while treatment with DIBAL-H furnishes beta-amino(More)
The lithium enolate of (2S,3S,5S,6S)-dimethoxy-2,3-dimethyl-1,4-dioxane-5,6-dithiocarboxylate undergoes stereoselective mono- and/or dialkylations to afford two new stereogenic centers. The alkylation products obtained possessed a cis stereochemistry, which was confirmed by the synthesis of natural 4'-O-methylpiscidic acid dimethyl ester .
The diastereoselective, trichlorosilane-mediate reduction of imines, bearing different and removable chiral auxiliaries, in combination either with achiral bases or catalytic amounts of chiral Lewis bases, was investigated to afford immediate precursors of chiral APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). The carbon-nitrogen double bond reduction was(More)
Aiming to introduce a multiresidue analysis for the trace detection of pesticide residues belonging to organophosphorus and triazine classes from olive oil samples, a new sample preparation methodology comprising the use of a dual layer of "tailor-made" molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) SPE for the simultaneous extraction of both pesticides in a single(More)
The stereoselective reduction of imines with trichlorosilane catalyzed by chiral Lewis bases is a well-established procedure for the synthesis of enantio-enriched amines. Five supported cinchona-based picolinamides have been prepared and their activity tested in a model reaction. The comparison of different supporting materials revealed that polystyrene(More)
A simple stereoselective process for the synthesis of highly substituted gamma-lactones was developed based on aldol reactions between the enolate of dioxanes derived from tartaric acid and aldehydes. A range of aromatic and aliphatic aldehydes were reacted, in most cases achieving good yields and stereoselectivity. The limitations of this reaction were(More)
Aiming to implement an analytical methodology that is highly selective for the extraction and quantification of terbuthylazine from olive oil, we successfully achieved: (i) the development of a molecularly imprinted polymer by bulk polymerization using terbuthylazine as template molecule, methacrylic acid as functional monomer, ethylene glycol(More)
This work firstly addresses the design and development of molecularly imprinted systems selective for deltamethrin aiming to provide a suitable sorbent for solid phase (SPE) extraction that will be further used for the implementation of an analytical methodology for the trace analysis of the target pesticide in spiked olive oil samples. To achieve this(More)