Anthony Hylick

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The increasing storage capacity and necessary redundancy of data centers and other large-scale IT facilities has drawn attention to the issue of reducing the power consumption of hard drives. This work comprehensively investigates the power consumption of hard drives to determine typical runtime power profiles. We have instrumented at a fine-grained level(More)
Modern disk-based storage systems are not energy proportional, because disks consume almost as much power when idle (but spinning) as they do when actively accessing data. We combine a power-aware, solid-state (flash) cache and a reliability-aware disk spin-down mechanism to significantly improve storage energy proportionality without hurting disk(More)
Power consumption is a problem affecting all forms of computing, from server farms to mobile devices. Hard disks account for a significant percentage of a machine's power consumption due to the mechanical nature of drive operation and increasingly sophisticated electronics. Due to this fact, there has been much research conducted with aims at reducing the(More)
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