Anthony Hirst

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OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that affective psychosis after childbirth is associated with an altered sensitivity to dopaminergic stimulation. DESIGN Prospective study of pregnant women at high risk of developing an affective psychosis after childbirth. Clinical assessments in pregnancy and after delivery were made by using a semistructured interview(More)
Neuroendocrine challenge tests of hypothalamic dopamine receptor function in the early postpartum period suggest that the sensitivity of these receptors is increased in women with a history of bipolar disorder after childbirth. We tested the hypothesis that, in women predisposed to bipolar disorder in the puerperium, hypothalamic dopamine receptor function(More)
On theoretical grounds it would appear preferable to use calibrants which are not adjusted to a constant ionic strength, whether concentration or activity is being estimated directly. For indirect methods, when sample and calibrant are diluted in an ionic strength adjusting buffer, there is probably little difference between adjusted and unadjusted(More)
A study of conditions for the elution of apo A1 and B lipoproteins from dried blood spots has led to the development of an apo B/A1 ratio assay with results for dried blood spots which are comparable with serum assays. This assay has been developed to be suitable for large scale population screening. The concept of measuring ratios for co-eluting blood(More)
We aim to produce a range of educational materials to teach robotics to a variety of audiences using the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention SystemTM. We briefly review the programming environments currently available and consider their appropriateness for our candidate audiences. There is the usual trade-off between ease of use and power. It is suggested(More)
OBJECTIVE Radiotherapy treatments of post-mastectomy chest walls are complex, requiring treatment close to skin, necessitating bolus use. Commonly used 5- and 10-mm-thick boluses develop full skin dose, needing removal for the latter half of treatment and requiring two treatment plans to be generated. Can a thinner bolus be used for all treatment fractions,(More)
An automated spectrophotometric assay for serum a-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase (SHBD) activity has been developed. This utilizes the change in absorbance at 340 nm. consequent upon oxidation of NADH. Determinations are made at 380C. at a rate of 6o per hour, and measurement of test and blank requirzs only I5 plitre serum. Sera ofknown SHBD activity assayed(More)
The abstract nature of computing, science and engineering can make them difficult subjects to teach in any environment; teaching at a distance introduces additional challenges. This paper presents on-going work into new distance education courses using commercially available robot kits to introduce fundamental concepts in computing and engineering. It(More)