Anthony Henderson

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OBJECTIVE This study aimed to identify the various challenges encountered by peer support workers in Western Australia in the course of their work and to identify possible solutions to those challenges. METHOD We used the nominal group technique to collect and analyze the data. RESULTS The main challenge encountered by participants was a lack of(More)
We generalize Joyal’s theory of species to the case of functors from the groupoid of finite sets to the category of varieties over Fq . These have cycle index series defined by counting fixed points of twisted Frobenius maps. We give an application to configuration spaces.
Let H∗(Be) be the cohomology of the Springer fibre for the nilpotent element e in a simple Lie algebra g, on which the Weyl group W acts by the Springer representation. Let ΛV denote the ith exterior power of the reflection representation of W . We determine the degrees in which ΛV occurs in the graded representation H∗(Be), under the assumption that e is(More)
The susceptibility of rat brain to induction of cancer by N-nitroso-N-ethyl-urea (NEU) increases dramatically from a very low level in the 12 day foetus to a maximum at the time of birth, and then decreases with age. Liver tumors are rarely induced by a single treatment with NEU at any age. If induction of cancer by nitroso-alkyl-ureas depends on(More)
This article describes the main pathways of carbohydrate metabolism in man. It should be read in conjunction with the subsequent article on Hypoxia (p. 251), to which it forms an introduction. In section I a brief account is given of the catabolism and anabolism of glucose and tissue variations are mentioned. In section II stress is laid on the mechanism(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigated Western Australian consumer perspectives of recovery from the effects of a severe mental illness. METHOD The grounded theory method was used to collect and analyze data acquired through 15 face-to-face interviews. DISCUSSION Participants described recovery as a three-phase process of overcoming loss in biomedical,(More)
The wreath product W (r, n) of the cyclic group of order r and the symmetric group Sn acts on the corresponding projective hyperplane complement, and on its wonderful compactification as defined by De Concini and Procesi. We give a formula for the characters of the representations of W (r, n) on the cohomology groups of this compactification, extending the(More)
Several O6-alkylGua adducts have been shown to be removed from DNA during its repair by transfer of the alkyl group to a cysteine residue in a specific AAP, with the formation of S-alkylcysteine. As the reaction is stoichiometric and irreversible, the AAP content of the cell can be reduced or depleted. In vivo depletion by a high dose of nitrosamine can be(More)