Anthony Hatton

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Little is known about mechanisms that regulate and ensure accurate processing of complex transcription units with long introns. We investigate this in the Ultrabithorax gene of Drosophila. A consensus 5' splice site is regenerated at the junction between the first exon and a small internal exon (mI); this splice site is used in a developmentally regulated(More)
Alternatively spliced Ultrabithorax mRNAs differ by the presence of internal exons mI and mII. Two approaches were used to identify trans-acting factors required for inclusion of these cassette exons. First, mutations in a set of genes implicated in the control of other alternative splicing decisions were tested for dominant effects on the Ubx alternative(More)
Hands on Health Understanding manual therapy is a concise, and easily understood reference for those interested in learning the basics about manual therapy, its practitioners, applications and concepts. The book is divided into seventeen short and lucidly written chapters, covering topics ranging from basic anatomy of the musculoskeletal system to the(More)
As the Chiropractic profession celebrates its 100 birthday this year there is no question that the profession has progressed a long way since the time of D.D. Palmer and that first “adjustment”. Although the Australian Chiropractic profession still has a way to go to celebrate its centenary this country can proudly boast of its own advancements and(More)
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