Anthony H Winefield

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Data are presented from the seventh wave of a longitudinal study of school-leavers that commenced in 1980. Four groups were compared: satisfied employed, dissatisfied employed, unemployed and full-time tertiary students. The groups differed initially with respect to only one background variable, teacher-rated academic potential, and did not differ on any of(More)
Previous research has suggested that irrational thinking may play a central role in the maintenance of behavior in slot machine gambling (M. B. Walker, 1992b). The present study is an evaluation of the validity and predictors of irrational thinking in a sample of regular gamblers (N = 20) drawn from the general community. The results were generally(More)
BACKGROUND The test-retest reliability of temporal summation (TS) and diffuse noxious inhibitory control (DNIC) has not been reported to date. Establishing such reliability would support the possibility of future experimental studies examining factors affecting TS and DNIC. Similarly, the use of manual algometry to induce TS, or an occlusion cuff to induce(More)
A large sample (N = 483) of community-living adults (M age = 23.6 years) responded to questions about the frequency and adequacy of emotional, practical, and informational support during the past month from three sources-confidants, peers, and supervisors-using the Multi-Dimensional Support Scale. Factor analysis was used to distinguish meaningful(More)
We examined the validity of the reported link between well-being and leisure participation in adolescents. Nine hundred and forty-seven, Year 10 students from 19 schools in Adelaide, South Australia, were recruited. Participants completed a questionnaire concerning participation in social, non-social and unstructured leisure activities as well as measures(More)
OBJECTIVE Various empirical studies link persistent failure to recover from acute fatigue to the evolution of chronic fatigue. However, existing fatigue measurement scales do not tend to distinguish between acute and chronic fatigue elements well, and none include a measure of effective recovery from fatigue. METHODS The 15 item Occupational Fatigue(More)
The demand-control/support model of work stress was tested in a sample of 419 correctional officers. The results suggest a link between certain work characteristics (high demands, low control, and low support) and strain symptoms (e.g., psychological distress, job dissatisfaction) as well as with negative affectivity (NA). On the other hand, other job(More)
Depending on the manner in which the data were interpreted, as many as 17.5% of women and 20.2% of men, or as few as 3.0% of women and 3.3% of men in a young Australian adult population reported some degree of suicidal ideation in the few weeks prior to testing. Using a suicidal ideation score derived from the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ), 11.7% of(More)
Occupational stress is prevalent in work areas in which there is high contact with distressed or dependent members of the public. However, little is known about the prediction and management of stress-related compensation claims, which can be expensive for employers. The authors interviewed all staff members of a large public sector welfare agency who had(More)
Stress is the most commonly reported trigger of an episode of chronic tension-type headache (CTTH); however, the causal significance has not been experimentally demonstrated to date. Stress may trigger CTTH through hyperalgesic effects on already sensitized pain pathways in CTTH sufferers. This hypothesis could be partially tested by examining pain(More)