Anthony H. Dekker

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We present a Self-Organizing Kohonen Neural Network for quantizing colour graphics images. The network is compared with existing algorithmic methods for colour quantization. It is shown experimentally that, by adjusting a quality factor, the network can produce images of much greater quality with longer running times, or slightly better quality with shorter(More)
Two important recent trends in military and civilian communications have been the increasing tendency to base operations around an internal network, and the increasing threats to communications infrastructure. This combination of factors makes it important to study the robustness of network topologies. We use graph-theoretic concepts of connectivity to do(More)
In this paper we present a simple testbed for experimenting with C4ISR architectures (based on a “SCUD hunt” scenario), the FINC methodology for analysing C4ISR architectures, and some experimental results. The testbed allows us to explore different organisational architectures under a range of conditions. The FINC (Force, Intelligence, Networking and C2)(More)
The value of p = 0.6 means that approximately half of the original links are retained, leaving many triangles, and hence producing the required clustering coefficient. The value of π = 5 exaggerates the existing high-degree bias of the Kawachi process, therefore producing “scale free” behaviour, even when p = 0.6. Figure (i) shows a network produced by the(More)
p E — U w a U u q v ro .6 « n .oa `~ a ~ o u ~ a E o^ w '” I w o~i ' u m n N prod $ , 'S a n . . 'g :a u -° E e N A , p a u a D S W A M ENI H V U k G_ ,~ a! H C .~ t L9 n c3 C U n IC I A rY ' LaL .Ni y I A G .'Gi U n 7 w ? Na > O . . ~i I U E U h >, 4U u . .a x " •4 = ''g T ~~ oa~ ., n oMMCln ~ va' c ~ ® U I E M 6 it , n '~ y p k ~. W p ° E ►' ^ a A d •~ w(More)
Social Network Analysis is an approach to analysing organisations focusing on relationships as the most important aspect. In this paper we discuss visualisation techniques for Social Network Analysis, including spring-embedding and simulated annealing techniques. We introduce a visualisation technique based on Kohonen neural networks, and also introduce(More)