Anthony Grafton

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  • Roger Ariew, Susanna Berger, Daniel Garber, Anthony Grafton, Jennifer Rampling Program Friday, October
  • 2015
Philosophy was a central discipline in the early modern period. In the philosophy class, students learned how to reason and argue, how to think about morality and the greatest good, as well as physics and metaphysics, cosmology, biology and the ultimate metaphysical categories of reality. Since virtually every educated European in the period went through(More)
  • Ann M Blair, Carl H Pforzheimer, Anthony Grafton, Natalie Z Davis, Nancy G Siraisi, M Phil History +54 others
  • 2016
" Principes et pratiques de la pédagogie humaniste et réformée, " in Enseignement secondaire formation humaniste et société, XVIe-XXIe siècle (a volume commemorating the 450 th anniversary of the founding of Calvin's Academy in Geneva), ed. " Tables et index dans le livre de savoir en Europe moderne, " in Lieux de Savoir, vol. 2: Les mains de l'intellect,(More)
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1. " A solution must be found. After so much has been spoken and written, it was a question both of science and national pride, a debt of honor to the dignity of our Nation. " With these words Mussolini switched on a powerful pump that began to drain the water from a lake in the volcanic hills south of Rome, the Lake of Nemi. The year was 1927. In the(More)
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