Anthony Godfrey

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The controversy about timing of cleft palate surgical procedures is focused on early palatoplasty for improved speech versus delayed hard palate repair for undisturbed facial growth. Timing and technique of palate repair are the most important influences on speech and facial growth, yet there is no consensus on the age or technique for surgery. The Oxford(More)
It has been previously shown that the inducible nitric oxide (NO) synthase (iNOS; NOS-2) is elevated after hemorrhage, and that iNOS-derived NO participates in the upregulation of inflammation as well as lung and liver injury postresuscitation from shock. The purpose of this study was to elucidate the time course of iNOS mRNA expression, as well as the(More)
A flap comprising the serratus anterior muscle and the underlying rib, based on the serratus branches of the thoracodorsal artery has been developed. In addition to the rib the potential exists to include a cartilaginous growth centre, a functional muscle and/or overlying skin. A latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous unit can be included on a common pedicle.(More)
36 patients who received a renal transplant and who subsequently underwent a rejection episode were randomised into two groups. The first group received a standard form of rejection therapy consisting in high doses of steroid drugs, and the second group received in addition 600 rads of radiotherapy to the graft. After three years (minimum follow-up twelve(More)
We have used free latissimus dorsi muscle flaps in nine patients to cover a variety of defects. The muscle has been covered with unexpanded meshed split-skin. The method is a reliable means of providing skin cover with a minimal donor site morbidity and less flap bulk than in conventional myocutaneous flaps. Our one "failure" was not related to the fact(More)
This paper reports the findings of a study of five patients each of whom had a dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans. The difficulties encountered in making an accurate clinical diagnosis and ensuring adequate surgical excision of this uncommon skin tumour are discussed. Recommendations are made on methods designed to reduce the high recurrence rate normally(More)
Three cases are described in each of which an HLA identical kidney transplant from a brother was rejected forcefully by the recipient and only one graft survived for more than a year. Rejection of this type is most unusual with well matched grafts and may have been triggered by a system of major antigens that are unassociated with those that are currently(More)
Thirty-six patients who received renal transplants and who subsequently underwent rejection episodes were randomized into two groups before undergoing treatment. One group received high doses of steroid drugs, and the other group received in addition 600 rads of radiotherapy to the graft. After 3 years (minimum follow-up 12 months) the groups were compared(More)
The immunosuppressive properties of niridazole, an antihelminthic drug, have been investigated in rats. When given orally in a dose of 50 mg/kg, it extended the median survival of cardiac allografts from 7 to 20 days. The immunosuppressive effect was not increased by giving either azathioprine or prednisolone concurrently but when all three drugs were(More)