Anthony G. Zawadzki

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This paper focuses on the effective management of networks that support on-line services that require high availability and reliability, and quick reconfiguration response and fast reconstitution time, in the event of failures. In a service independent network, the network provider provides the network assets to the service provider. In such a paradigm, the(More)
Adaptive algorithms for real-time and proactive detection of network/service anomalies, i.e., soft performance degradations, in transaction-oriented wide area networks (WANs) have been developed. These algorithms (i) adaptively sample and aggregate raw transaction records to compute service-class based traffic intensities, in which potential network(More)
Algorithms and online software for automated and adaptive detection of network/service anomalies have been developed and field-tested for transactionoriented wide area networks (WANs). These transaction networks are integral parts of electronic commerce infrastructures. Our adaptive network/service anomaly detection algorithms are demonstrated in a(More)
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