Anthony Forte

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Anton 2 is a second-generation special-purpose supercomputer for molecular dynamics simulations that achieves significant gains in performance, programmability, and capacity compared to its predecessor, Anton 1. The architecture of Anton 2 is tailored for fine-grained event-driven operation, which improves performance by increasing the overlap of(More)
The hypothesis that psychotic experiences in healthy subjects are associated with a dysfunction of the right hemisphere is supported by some, but not all, available studies. Differences in gender composition of study samples may explain in part the divergent findings. The present study was carried out in 42 healthy, right-handed university students. Scores(More)
White matter hyperintensities (WMHs) refer to areas of hyperintense signal on T2- or proton density-weighted brain magnetic resonance imaging. Although WMHs are a common finding in patients with bipolar disorder (BD), particularly with a later disease onset, some studies report a higher frequency of WMHs only in unipolar affective disorders. We reviewed the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated significant variability in the processes of care and outcomes of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbations. The AUDIPOC is a Spanish nationwide clinical audit that identified large between-hospital variations in care and clinical outcomes. Here, we test the hypothesis that these variations can(More)
OBJECTIVE Assess reported risk of suicide attempts by patients with bipolar disorder (BD). METHOD Systematic searching yielded 101 reports from 22 countries (79 937 subjects). We analyzed for risk (%) and incidence rates (%/year) of attempts, comparing sex and diagnostic types, including by meta-analysis. RESULTS Attempt risk averaged 31.1% [CI:(More)
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