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Large scale coherent motions around marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) machines can significantly increase the structural loading and affect the overall performance of the machines. Characterization of the approach turbulence and their impact on the instantaneous response of MHK devices is essential for improving their design and performance. This preliminary(More)
Most geomorphic transport laws proposed to date are local in character, i.e., they express the sediment flux at a point as a function of the elevation gradient or curvature or other geomorphic quantities at that point only. We argue that non-local constitutive laws, in which the flux at a point depends on the conditions in some larger neighborhood around(More)
A fast-freeze, cold-stage transmission electron microscopy technique which can incorporate in situ freeze-drying of the sample is described. Its use in elucidating structure in unstained and stained, hydrated and freeze-dried, aqueous vesicular dispersions of biological and chemical interest is demonstrated with vesicles of L-alpha-phosphatidylcholine(More)
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