Anthony F Valdini

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The prevalence of xerostomia and nine other oral symptoms was studied in 529 subjects (18 years or older) in a family health center. The findings show that (1) dry mouth and several other symptoms are common in an outpatient population and (2) they are a valid indicator of salivary gland hypofunction.
BACKGROUND Recent studies indicate that loneliness is a significant risk factor for many ailments from colds to heart disease. If lonely patients are at greater risk for illness, then we might expect that they would use the emergency department (ED) more often and incur greater medical costs than those who are not lonely. Our goal was to determine the(More)
BACKGROUND Historically, screening measures for poor patients have been underemployed. As a result, diagnosis of breast cancer is more likely made at later stages in underserved and minority populations. Regular care in community health centers (CHCs) can mitigate this screening inequity. The purpose of this study was to determine the barriers to and(More)
Twenty-two adults with chronic fatigue were studied to determine the clinical usefulness of commonly applied laboratory tests. Subjects with the chief complaint of fatigue persisting for more than one year were followed for an average of seven months at a university family health centre. During this time a group of commonly recommended tests were carried(More)
OBJECTIVE To elicit factors associated with distress in Latina colposcopy patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three hundred two Caribbean Latinas attending a colposcopy clinic took the Psychosocial Effects of Having an Abnormal Pap Smear-Questionnaire, which measures distress using 14 questions grouped into four dimensions. A Spanish-language translation was(More)
To delineate the demographic correlates of the fatigued patient, 297 patients attending a family practice centre were investigated. Women were more frequently tired than were men; patients with less than a college education were over-represented, and employed persons were more robust than the unemployed. Fatigue was also associated with lack of exercise,(More)