Anthony E. Ward

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We studied 26 physicians in postgraduate medical training ("house staff") to objectively quantify their sleep, alertness, and psychomotor performance while working on call. This study provided precise data on the extent of sleep deprivation during a typical call night, the workload factors predictive of sleep loss, and the extent to which protected time for(More)
Technical programmes frequently focus exclusively on the associated technical domain knowledge and skills with perhaps some generic skills development coincidentally and perhaps accidentally included. If Higher Education (HE), as the main provider of competent graduates, is to enable employers to be able to respond to the key global challenges of the next(More)
Assessing public speaking is an increasingly normal part of a University or Higher Education establishment's role in the attempt to embed useful transferable skills in students ready for their entry into the workplace. This activity can take an increasing amount of time out of teaching given that students require a reasonable opportunity to show what they(More)
Over the last 20 years the European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering (EAEEIE) has proven itself to be a strong organization aiming to support Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE) education across Europe. EAEEIE members participated in several EU projects (i.e. ELLEIEC, THEIERE) with recognized contribution to EIE(More)
The ability of students in public speaking is a stated requirement for Electrical and Information Engineering students at all levels according to the Washington, Sydney and Dublin Accords and UK and European Qualifications standards. It is also a frequently cited requirement in job specifications for graduate engineers. Effective public speaking is a skill(More)
There have been a number of reports over recent years on alternative approaches to teaching that concentrate on encouraging the student to take the initiative. These include but are not limited to problem-based, studio-based, inquiry-based and curiosity-based learning. The purpose of this focused study into curiosity-based learning (CBL) within a small(More)
  • A. E. Ward
  • 2012
This paper reviews the postgraduate journey and current situation regarding postgraduate skills development in the UK. It leads on to reviewing some of the common reasons why the journey fails to yield a satisfactory outcome for either the student or institution and then introduces a technological solution, Skillsforge, used at the University of York and(More)