Anthony E. Grice

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Understanding movement patterns and home range of species is paramount in ecology; it is particularly important for threatened taxa as it can provide valuable information for conservation management. To address this knowledge gap for a range-restricted endangered bird, we estimated home range size, daily movement patterns and habitat use of a granivorous(More)
Two interactive models for crew station design are discussed. WORG is developed for arranging workstations within a work-space. WOLAG aims at generating the layout of the instrument panel at each station for sit-stand duty. Both models collect evaluative measures for the designs generated. The input data, internal structure, and output files of both WORG(More)
Where threatened biodiversity is adversely affected by development, policies often state that "no net loss" should be the goal and biodiversity offsetting is one mechanism available to achieve this. However, developments are often approved on an ad hoc basis and cumulative impacts are not sufficiently examined. We demonstrate the potential for serious(More)
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