Anthony E Bourgeois

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Adult rats fed daily rations of laboratory chow with added CdCl2 were tested for schedule controlled responding and conditioned suppression (conditioned emotional response-CER). Determinations of tissue Cd, levels of metallothionein, and the ratio of Cd in the tissue to the Cd-binding capacity of metallothionein also were made. Animals were exposed daily to(More)
Assessed the utility of the cognitive constructs of Locus of Control and Psychological Differentiation as co-determiners of success on a biofeedback task. Eighty male and female psychology undergraduate students were divided into four groups based on median splits of scores on Levenson's Internal Locus of Control scale and on Witkin's Group Embedded Figures(More)
Step-down passive avoidance acquisition and 24 h retention performance were examined in adult rats given daily doses of either 0, 1, or 5 mg/kg cadmium (Cd) (as CdCl2) via the diet. Results indicated that subjects exposed to the 5 mg/kg Cd diet were less likely to step off a safe platform onto an electrified grid floor than controls. The 1 mg/kg subjects(More)
Athletes at Olympic Developmental Program (ODP) camps experience unusually high levels of expectations and inherent mental and physical challenges within such a short span of time. With the increasing emphasis on talent development, there has been consensus by the ODP staff to more clearly define present levels of coping skills, in order to enhance athletic(More)
Adult rats fed daily rations of laboratory chow laced with cobalt chloride were tested for operant (schedule-controlled) responding and conditioned suppression (CER). Animals exposed to 20 mg/kg Co, but not animals exposed to 5 mg/kg Co, lever pressed at a significantly slower rate than nontreated control subjects over the last 8 sessions of a 35 session(More)
CONTEXT The primary goal of traditional treatment and rehabilitation programs is to safely return athletes to full functional capacity. Nontraditional activities such as rock climbing or rodeo are typically less training structured and coach structured; individualism, self-determination, and autonomy are more prevalent than observed in athletes in National(More)
Adult male rats were fed either 0, 10, or 20 mg Ni/kg body weight (as NiCl2) via a 10 g daily food ration. Following 14 days of exposure, animals were trained over a period of 61 days to lever press for food on a VI-2 operant training schedule while continuing to experience the indicated daily doses. Those rats treated with 20 mg/kg Ni lever pressed at a(More)
Adult rats fed daily rations of laboratory chow laced with lead acetate, were tested for operant (schedule-controlled) responding and conditioned suppression. In Experiment 1, animals receiving 10 mg/kg lead showed significantly lower operant response rates (lever pressing) than controls. Conditioned suppression performance was not different between the two(More)