Anthony D. Weaver

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Two hundred forty Angus crossbred steers were used to determine the influence of feeding various quantities of wet and dry distillers grains to finishing steers on carcass characteristics, meat quality, retail-case life of ground beef, and fatty acid profile of LM. Three replications of 5 dietary treatments were randomly applied to 15 pens in each of 2 yr.(More)
BACKGROUND Despite efforts to construct targeted medical school admission processes using applicant-level correlates of future practice location, accurately gauging applicants' interests in rural medicine remains an imperfect science. This study explores the usefulness of textual analysis to identify rural-oriented themes and values underlying applicants'(More)
  • Asia Haack, Asia L Haack, Chris R Calkins Lincoln, Chris R Calkins, Chris Calkins, Steve Jones +183 others
  • 2016
Feeding distillers grains to cattle decreases shelf life stability of retail displayed steaks due to the increased polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFAs) content. High levels of PUFAs cause rapid oxidation of the fats in meat. To improve shelf life, a low-fat distillers grain ration, without solubles (LFWDG; 4.72% fat), was compared to a traditional diet(More)
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