Anthony D. Kennedy

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We discuss the work of the QCDSP collaboration to build an inexpensive Teraflop scale massively parallel computer suitable for computations in Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). The computer is a collection of nodes connected in a four dimensional toroidial grid with nearest neighbor bit serial communications. A node is composed of a Texas Instruments Digital(More)
Executive Summary High-dimensional modeling is becoming ubiquitous across the sciences and engineering because of advances in sensor technology and storage technology. Computationally-oriented researchers no longer have to avoid what were once intractably large, tensor-structured data sets. The current NSF promotion of " computational thinking " is timely:(More)
Supercomputing applications usually involve the repeated parallel application of discretized differential operators. Difficulties arise with higher-order discretizations of operators on parallel computers because their communications can overlap processors in complex ways. Their correct and efficient implementation requires careful choreography of(More)
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