Anthony D. Hill

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UNLABELLED SynBioSS (Synthetic Biology Software Suite) is a suite of software for the modeling and simulation of synthetic genetic constructs. SynBioSS utilizes the registry of standard biological parts, a database of kinetic parameters, and both graphical and command-line interfaces to multiscale simulation algorithms. AVAILABILITY SynBioSS is available(More)
Reacting systems away from the thermodynamic limit cannot be accurately modeled with ordinary differential equations. These continuous-deterministic modeling formalisms, traditionally developed and used by chemical engineers can be distinctly false if the number of molecules of reacting chemical species is very small, or if reaction events are very rare.(More)
Thermodynamic information can be inferred from static atomic configurations. To model the thermodynamics of carbohydrate binding to proteins accurately, a large binding data set has been assembled from the literature. The data set contains information from 262 unique protein-carbohydrate crystal structures for which experimental binding information is(More)
We describe a new method of describing the pucker of an N-member monocyclic ring using N - 3 parameters. To accomplish this, three ring atoms define a reference plane, and the remainder of the ring is decomposed into triangular flaps. The angle of incidence for each flap upon the reference plane is then measured. The combination of these angles is(More)
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