Anthony D. Griffith

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(1) Sporadic cases.-Retinoblastoma is a rare tumour and hereditary manifestations of it are rarer still. At the Royal Eye Hospital, London, there were seen 59 children with retinoblastoma during the 50 years 1894-1943, and among these there was only one familial group, now observed over three generations. This group has supplied 6 instances of the(More)
OBJECTIVE We present an exploratory analysis of data collected on perforated diverticular disease (PDD) in Barbados and suggest possible areas for further study. SUBJECTS AND METHODS All cases of perforated diverticular disease treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) Barbados, between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2006 were reviewed. The(More)
1. Challenges Perceived in Teaching Social Studies at the Primary Level Introduction Methodology Findings and Analysis The Nature of the Problems Discussion and Conclusions 2. A Study of the CXC Social Studies Examination, 1981-1990 Introduction The Caribbean – Background Research Design and Procedure Data and Analysis Discussion Conclusion
A method for providing uniform transparent access to disparate distributed information systems was demonstrated. A prototype testing interface was developed to access documentation and information using publicly available hypermedia tools. The prototype gives testers a uniform, platform-independent user interface to on-line documentation, user manuals, and(More)
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