Anthony Cruickshank

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Computer interfaces provide an environment that allows for multiple objectively optimal solutions but individuals will, over time, use a smaller number of subjectively optimal solutions, developed as habits that have been formed and tuned by repetition. Designing an interface agent to provide assistance in this environment thus requires not only knowledge(More)
Definition Reinforcement learning (RL) techniques are a set of solutions for optimal long-term action choice such that actions take into account both immediate and delayed consequences. They fall into two broad classes. Model-based approaches assume an explicit model of the environment and the agent. The model describes the consequences of actions and the(More)
The nucleation and growth of a nanostructure controls its size and morphology, and ultimately its functional properties. Hence it is crucial to investigate growth mechanisms under relevant growth conditions at the nanometer length scale. Here we image the nucleation and growth of electrodeposited ZnO nanostructures in situ, using a transmission X-ray(More)
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