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Charging infrastructure is critical to the development of electric vehicle (EV) system. While many countries have implemented great policy efforts to promote EVs, how to build charging infrastructure to maximize overall travel electrification given how people travel has not been well studied. Mismatch of demand and infrastructure can lead to under-utilized(More)
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Nations increasingly trade electricity, and understanding the structure of the global power grid can help identify nations that are critical for its reliability. This study examines the global grid as a network with nations as nodes and international electricity trade as links. We analyze the structure of the global electricity trade network and find that(More)
A new accounting framework is proposed for GHG emission factors of power grids. Three cases are used to demonstrate the proposed framework. Comparisons with previous system boundaries approve the necessity. g r a p h i c a l a b s t r a c t a b s t r a c t Electricity trade among power grids leads to difficulties in measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emission(More)
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