Anthony Cheng

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BACKGROUND Fracture risk is increased in patients with schizophrenia, who often receive long-term therapy with anti-psychotic drugs. The mechanisms by which skeletal fragility is increased in patients with psychosis include increased risk of falling, but direct skeletal toxicity of anti-psychotic drugs is a possibility that has not been investigated. (More)
This paper examines the effects of changes in a firm’s financial condition on capital expenditures, as well as on the costs of raising external finance. Changes in pension fund asset values are largely reflected in the market value of the sponsor’s equity, and can be fully incorporated into pension-adjusted measures of book equity. The condition of the(More)
Background—–The effects of smooth muscle relaxation on arterial wall mechanics are controversial. We used a new, in vivo, noninvasive technique to measure brachial artery wall mechanics under baseline conditions and following smooth muscle relaxation with nitroglycerin (NTG). Methods and Results—Eight healthy, normal subjects (6 male, 2 female; age 3063.1(More)
This paper examines the empirical relation between corporate capital expenditures and a firm’s financial condition as measured by shareholder net worth and market leverage. Using novel evidence on variation in pension fund asset performance, which affects the net worth of a corporation without affecting its investment opportunities, I demonstrate effects of(More)
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